We help many clients around the world who operate Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and any other venue that requires regular Artists bookings. Using state of the art custom built software we help our clients manage their requirements allowing them to focus on other important areas of their operations. We have a proven track record and powerful reputation in the industry.

Some of our clients include:

We help streamline the following areas of operations

  • Finding the best Artists (Using our network of vetted talent, helping you find what you need)
  • Musical Identities (Supporting our clients build the right musical identities for their brand)
  • Advance Scheduling (Allowing our clients to forward promote whats on guides)
  • Rota Management (Simplifying how you manage your rotas of Artists)
  • Artists Invoices & Payments (Saving time by providing 1 invoice with 1 payment per month)
  • Artist Briefings & Reminders (Communicating with Artists on what to play and where to be)
  • Artist Cover & Emergencies (Helping find emergency covers so you are not left with no artists)
  • PR & Socials Tags (Adding value to your socials with our our in house social media team)
  • Private Hires (Working with your event teams to bring more to private hire bookings)
  • Themed Events (Bringing more to venues with existing event brands or building your own)

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