Bookings & Events

We help our Artists manage their Bookings & Events through our own network of Clients and also theirs. Each Artist is assigned their own AAA Manager who can help advise, reply, quote, negotiate, confirm and invoice your bookings & events.

Diary Management

We help our Artists with their Diary Management and use state of the art bookings and scheduling software to keep artists reminded, briefed and always on prepared for their bookings with AAA.

Travel Logistics

We help our Artists manage their Travel Logistics for anything that require travel and planning. Our team are extremely experienced and efficient and can help organise your route from A to B (C, D, E, F)

Quotes & Invoicing

We help our Artists with their Quotes & Invoicing wether it be singular events or multiple events AAA can help quote and invoice your services with ease and professionalism

Payment Collections

We help our Artists with their Payment Collections and help with the processes of reminding, chasing & collecting any overdue payments that we have invoiced for on your behalf.

Press Shots & Bio

We help our Artists with their Press Shots & Bios and advise on photographers, styles, locations and much more. As an Agency of Artists run by Artists we know how best to market, sell and secure work for the team.

Insurance, Legals & Contracts

AAA’s collective experience of Insurance, Legals & Contracts spans across all areas of the Arts and events industry. From Session Agreements to NDA’s to PLI certification, copyright, contracts and more – we share our contacts and experience to help our Artists find the best answers and solutions.

Websites & Social Presence

We help our Artists build, re-build, design and create their Websites & Social Presence. From domain names, hosting, updating, designing and promoting your very own website.

Seizing Missed Opportunities

AAA with originally set up to help artists assist and manage Seizing Missed Opportunities. Essentially all the artists on the network are busy with their events and bookings, A new enquiry comes in and rather saying “Im already booked sorry

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