Meet The Team

AAA is an agency of Artists run by Artists. All our Artists are hand selected and vetted by the team and cover every aspect of the arts, entertainment, events and hospitality industry.

We are a one-stop solution for clients and artists worldwide!

Ben Barnett


Ben is the CEO & Founder of AAA and is overseer of all areas of the business. He‘s known around the world as TheSaxMan and his experience in the music and events industry is second to none

Dan Healy


Dan is no stranger to the events scene and is one of the most experienced & versatile artists around. He is also a successful house music producer & event organiser. He takes care of AAA artist management and heads up rota operations for the business

James Park


James takes care of private events and luxury resorts. Island-hopping between the British Virgin Isles, Ibiza and the UK spinning for the worlds elite. His artistic talents span across music, production, content creation and artist development


Shaka is a London born and bred Artist, DJ, Songwriter & Vocalist. He is a specialist in the creative arts and spiritual scenes of London and beyond. He helps with Artist Guidance, Mentorship, Mental Health and emotional well-being along with advising and supporting clients with their musical visions & identities

Jamie Lisa

Jayli is a hot favourite around the world and a very successful Producer, DJ, Event Organiser, Radio Host and much more. She helps look after Private Events, Bespoke Production and Artist development

Rida Mukthar

Rida looks after all things sound, production and musical instruction. He is a master of the Spanish acoustic, flamenco and electric guitars as well as a talented audio engineer & producer

Who We Work With

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